• Read Brooks’s Q&A with Aram Goudsouzian of “Chapter 16: A Community of Tennessee Writers, Readers, and Passersby.” Brooks and Aram discuss the civil rights movement in the park, the interstate controversy, and “citizen-stewards.”
  • Check out Brooks’s Q&A with Choose901. He’s asked about the book’s beginnings, surprising elements of the park’s history, and what he hopes readers will gain from reading Overton Park: A People’s History.
  • Read an article in The Daily Memphian about how the book can help us examine the park’s past in order to understand it in the present and determine its future. 
  • Read an op-ed by Michael Nelson titled ‘Overton Park and how the good guys finally won’ in The Daily Memphian. The piece discusses the book and Overton Park from a well-known Memphian’s perspective.
  • Read a short article published by Rhodes College on Brooks and the book.



  • Watch Brooks give a virtual lecture for the Tennessee Historical Society on Overton Park as a microcosm of the moments that shaped — and still shape — the nation. In this talk, he also shares Overton Park-focused stories from Memphians to paint a more moving picture of the park’s past.
  • See Brooks discuss key moments in the park’s past and the diverse collection of stories in the book on News Channel 3’s ‘Live at 9’ (WREG Memphis).
  • Watch Brooks give a talk at Rhodes College about the stewards of Overton Park and what inspired them to care for this place.



  • Hear Brooks in conversation with 91.1 WKNO’s Christopher Blank. They discuss past and present controversies in Overton Park, why people care so much about this place, and what’s next for the park.
  • Listen to Brooks in conversation with The Daily Memphian’s Bill Dries. Two minutes into this podcast, Brooks touches on Overton Park’s past, present, and future.
  • Hear Brooks discuss the interstate controversy that threatened Overton Park on Knoxville’s NPR station, 91.9 WUOT.